Welcome to Turoski.com


I'm Larry Turoski and Turoski.com is my domain. All I have to do now is figure out what to do with it. Suggestions are welcome. So you know who you're talking to, this is me:

First, let me say that if your last name is Turoski and you encountered this site on Google or some other search engine and thought you've found a long lost relative, we are definitely not related. My grandfather changed our family name to Turoski, then had his only child (my father). My father had only one child and that is me. Our original family name is not Turoski and there were only two of us who took the name Turoski; since my grandfather and father are both deceased, and since I have no children, I'm it. I'm the only one of our particular "Turoski" there is.

However, if you are a descendant of anyone named Turowski, then there is a chance we are related.

If you went to elementary, junior, or senior high school with a Leonard Turoski, you've found him. I mean there can't be two people named that, right? Well, actually, there were, until my father passed away. Talk about confusing.

So, until I decide what to do with this website, not much will be happening here. If you think you've found the person you're looking for, you can get in touch with me here. I look forward to talking to you.

Last Updated: 6-23-14